Spring Lawn Care Services: How to Bring a Neglected Lawn Back to Life
Thursday, April 6th 2023, 2:00 PM

Professional Lawn Care Tips for Spring to Bring Your Grass Back to Life

Dawsonville, United States - April 6, 2023 / Alf Lawn & Pest Solutions /

Spring is in the air! With the change in seasons comes a natural urge for homeowners to revamp and refresh their living spaces. And what better way to start than by giving your lawn some much-needed attention? ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions is here to provide you with top-notch lawn care services.

Neglected during the winter months due to harsh weather and lack of sunlight, your lawn is eager to come back to life in the spring. Not only will lawn renovation spruce up your outdoor space, but it will also give your home a beautiful and inviting appeal that is perfect for the season. So, let's roll up our sleeves and get ready to revive your lawn!

How to Do Spring Lawn Care?

1. Assess the lawn

Renovating a lawn needs planning and determining the lawn's current condition. After winter, start assessing the development, damage, and weed infestation. Plan your renovation and take the necessary precautions with the aid of this information. 

Before planting new seeds, hire a professional to perform weed control. Applying a weed killer will give your new grasses and plants the best chance to grow and flourish. A trusted contractor from ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions will calculate the needed fertilization and assess the pH levels and nutrient content of the soil. 

Save time and money by taking the time to evaluate the state of your grass. Build a stunning outdoor space that you can use if you undertake the correct planning and preparation.

2. Remove debris

Rake up any leaves, sticks, or other debris and remove them properly. This step is vital in creating an environment that promotes healthy grass growth and ensures the success of your lawn renovation.

Debris left on your lawn can result in soil damage, and weed growth, promote disease, and create an unfavorable environment for new plants to grow. By clearing your property of debris, you'll also be able to identify any areas that may need repair or special attention.

3. Fix soil conditions

After clearing the debris, the next crucial step to renovating your lawn is to fix any soil conditions. Adding compost and fertilizer to the soil can help promote new growth and repair bare spots. Reseeding dead grass spots is also essential to rejuvenate your lawn. 

Moreover, it's recommended to rake or aerate the soil to prepare it for planting and sowing. This process will break up compacted soil, improve soil structure, and enhance soil drainage. As a result, new seeds and plants can establish their roots more efficiently and grow healthy and strong.

4. Plant new seeds and grass

It's time to plant new grass and seeds now that the soil is ready. Choose a grass variety that will flourish where you live. Seeds can be sown correctly with a professional's assistance.

It's essential to frequently water the grass and seeds throughout the first few weeks to ensure they receive the moisture needed to form roots. Watering helps the new growth establish itself and flourish. Let us assist you in maintaining the health of your lawn by helping you follow correct lawn care procedures like watering, fertilizing, and mowing.

5. Water properly

A healthy lawn needs the right amount of water regularly. Different grasses and plants may need to be watered at various times of the day and with varying amounts of water. Depending on the weather, you might need to change how you water. For instance, you might need to water more regularly in the summer to prevent the soil from drying out. On the other hand, you might need to cut back on watering during severe rain to avoid overwatering.

Professional Lawn Care Service with ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions

Why go through the hassle of lawn care yourself when you can leave it to the experts? Contact us at ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions at (844) 369-8873 and let us create the perfect lawn care service plan for your yard. We take pride in caring for your lawn as if it were ours so that you can have a lush and healthy lawn without stress and hard work.

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