How to Prepare Your North Georgia Lawn for Spring?
Thursday, February 23rd 2023, 1:15 PM

Expert Preparation Tips for Your Grass in Spring

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You must take special measures before spring to keep your North Georgia lawn healthy and vitality. By starting your preparations in February, considered the best period possible, you'll achieve optimal results. To guarantee this, you should trust a professional contractor to perform proper lawn care as spring arrives. A professional can ensure that your yard is ready even for the scorching summer.

What are the things that must be done to prepare your lawn? Read on to know exactly what to do and why these processes are necessary.

5 Spring Lawn Care Measures Experts Recommend

Our expert contractors can help you with spring lawn care, including the following:

1. Perform weed control

Early weed treatment is critical because weeds can quickly spread throughout your lawn and affect the growth of your grass. Preventing the germination of weed seeds in February by applying a pre-emergent herbicide is helpful. Our specialists know how to do this properly to ensure the effectiveness of the herbicide and safety for you and your family. In the soil, the weed control material forms a barrier that prevents weed growth. The herbicide keeps working to keep your lawn weed-free when the soil warms up, and the weed seeds begin to grow.

2. Fertilize your lawn

When you fertilize your lawn in February, you give it the vital nutrients it needs to be healthy and green all season. It prepares for spring by promoting healthy growth and development with nutrients. Use a slow-release fertilizer to nourish your grass by keeping nutrients in the soil for longer.

Our knowledgeable contractors suggest a lighter fertilizer in the spring and a heavier one for cool-season grasses in the late autumn. If you fertilize in the late autumn, your lawn still has fertilizer to utilize in the spring, but too much fertilizer might cause diseases and weed problems. Fertilization can be complicated, so it’s best to leave it to ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions specialists.

3. Check for diseases and insects

Inspect the grass to see if there are diseases or infestations that must be addressed. Using fungicides in February can help eliminate diseases and pests before they can wreak havoc on your lawn. Throughout the winter, pests usually hibernate, but they might suddenly become active as the temperature rises. The solutions kill any fungi or insects in the soil, preventing their spread across your lawn in the spring.

4. Protect your lawn against frost

During the winter months, frost can harm your lawn. Use frost protection in February to stop this from happening. Proper frost protection can keep your property warm and safe as it forms a barrier between the soil and chilly air. This barrier can be built with tarps, blankets, or straw mats.

5. Prepare your lawn mower

February is the ideal time to check your lawn mower and make sure it's ready for spring and summer. Inspecting your lawn mower can determine whether it needs a tune-up or not. A yearly tune-up is recommended. However, if a tune-up is not enough, it may be time to consider buying a new one. 

One of the fundamental tasks in a mower tune-up is sharpening the blade. A sharp blade cuts the grass cleanly, resulting in a healthy and green lawn. Meanwhile, A dull blade can tear the grass, leading to unsightly brown tips.

Choose Expert Lawn Care at ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions

In conclusion, taking the proper measures to ensure your North Georgia lawn's health in the spring is necessary. Enjoy the benefits by following the suggestions mentioned above in February from weed management to get your mower ready. To have a lush, healthy yard in time for spring, consider using the services of professionals like ALF Lawn & Pest Solutions.

Our team provides a variety of lawn care services that can help you get your yard ready for spring. We have everything you need to make sure your lawn looks its best, including weed control, fertilization, and insect and disease management. Call us at 844-369-TURF immediately to learn more about our services.

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