Core Aeration Tips from the Experts for Fall
Thursday, September 15th 2022, 7:00 PM

Do You Need to Aerate Your Soil in North Georgia This Fall?

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Practice proper lawn care to keep your lawn green and healthy all year round. Lawn care involves many things, such as watering, fertilizing, mowing, and aerating.

You probably wonder if you need to aerate your soil in North Georgia, especially with fall right around the corner. While the short answer is yes. You should also know why it's important to do this. In this article, we'll talk about aerating your soil and why it's necessary.

What Is Aeration?

Aeration is breaking up compacted soil by removing small pieces from the top layer of the ground. It helps with water retention, drainage, and root growth—the more air that can get into the soil, the better.

When you aerate your soil, you create holes for water and air to enter the soil. These holes allow water and air to reach the roots, which will enable them to grow healthier and stronger.

Why Do I Need to Aerate My Soil?

Soil compaction occurs when there is too much pressure on the soil. When this happens, the soil becomes dense and hard. Compacted soil doesn't have enough room for water or air to move through it. If you don't aerate your soil, your grass will start to look unhealthy.

Here are some top reasons why you need to aerate your soil in North Georgia this fall:

1. It increases water retention.

The soil absorbs less water when it’s compacted. As such, your grass won't get enough water to thrive. Aerating your soil allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil. By creating a network of holes in the soil, you help increase the amount of water that reaches the roots of your grass.

2. It improves drainage.

Drainage is another reason why you need to aerate your soil. Because the soil isn't porous, it doesn't drain properly. As a result, water sits around the surface of the soil, causing problems like algae and moss.

When you aerate your soil, you break up the clumps of soil that cause poor drainage. This makes the soil easier to absorb and drains away excess moisture.

3. It creates space for roots to grow.

As mentioned earlier, aerating your soil breaks up the clumps of dirt that prevent roots from growing deep into the ground. This makes it easier for your grass to breathe and grow strong.

You'll want to aerate your soil during the fall season because it helps the grassroots be strong before the weather gets cold. The grass can survive the harsh winters if it has strong roots.

How to Aerate Your Soil?

The most popular way to aerate your soil is by using a lawn aerator machine. You can use an aerator to aerate different types of soil. Lawn aerators use sharp blades or tines to cut through the top few inches of soil. They usually come with attachments that make it easy to remove the broken-up material.

Manual aerators are also available to help you aerate your soil. They work similarly to lawn aerators but require manual labor. This makes aerating your soil a more tedious process than when using a machine.

However, aerating your soil is a tedious process. It’s best to leave it to the pros so you can spend more time doing other important things with your family. Moreover, letting the experts handle it will ensure that your soil is aerated properly for your grass and plants to thrive.

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