Keep Your Lawn Lush and Healthy With These Essential Tips
Friday, January 21st 2022, 3:00 PM

How Can I Make My Lawn Thicker and Greener?

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A thick and green lawn is a dream of many. Having one is a sight to behold. It can make you feel good when you get to admire the beauty of a lush and panoramic landscape. A healthy lawn is a measure of the good value of a property and a socio-economic symbol in a community.

Moreover, a healthy lawn gives a lot back to the betterment of the environment. A green lawn has tons of environmental benefits. It helps reduce erosion from stormwater runoff, provides a more relaxed surrounding, helps control floods, and breaks down organic chemicals in the soil. Therefore, there is so much to gain by keeping your lawn thick, green, healthy, and hydrated.

Why Is Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance Needed?

Proper lawn care and regular maintenance are necessary to ensure that your lawn is in its best condition. A well-maintained lawn can survive any threats and environmental pressures that may strike anytime, such as insect attacks, adverse weather conditions, weeds, or disease infestations.

All of these conditions need appropriate intervention. It is crucial to nip them in the bud to keep your lawn healthy. Proper care also makes sure that your lawn can recover fast from any problem. For instance, weed infestation competes with lawn grass so it is crucial to perform proper weed control immediately. By doing this, you can make sure that your lawn grass is protected—keeping it is always healthy, thick, and green.

Lawn Care Tips

1. Proper nutrient support is necessary to keep a thick and green lawn. It also makes the lawn grass and other plants in your yard grow with a robust root system to keep them stable.

2. Good fertilizer use provides the nutrients needed by plants that can not be supported by soil. The primary nutrients that plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is essential in the photosynthesis of plants to support plant growth. Potassium increases the growth of roots making the plant stable and drought tolerant, while phosphorus is responsible for the general health and robustness of the plant.

3. Water your lawn properly. Like humans, plants need water to survive. In fact, plants are made up of 80-95% water. Water is necessary for mineral and nutrient transport, cooling, and photosynthesis. Since plants have different water requirements, always make sure to water them appropriately with the right amount and at the right time of day.

4. Mowing is not a simple grass-cutting activity, but it is one of the many ways to keep the lawn lush and green. Always observe proper mowing methods to avoid unnecessary stress on your lawn that may cause wilting, drying, or yellowing of the grass. Follow this simple guide for appropriate mowing method:

a. Mowing height is between 3.5 and 4 inches

b. Mower blades should be sharp all the time

c. Mow once every week

Best Lawn Care with ALF Lawn and Pests Solution

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